Key Performance One

Turn Knowledge
Into Decision

Connect your IT with your business needs

ACCIOD® invented KP-One® collaborative platform delivered SaaS

Optimize your cost base -20%

The Common Repository optimizes cost base becomes standard and leads the industrialization of services by generating a structured catalog of Work Units

Industrialize your services for your organization

Your IT Service becomes a Growth Center which aligns and plans your IT Resources on business portfolio needs

Get your ROI and Paybacks Projects in Real Time

The solution restitutes project impact on the operating account and the return on investment and the payback in Real Time

Calibrate your KPIs

With ACCIOD’s Knowledge Base calibrate the “Market Metrics” and measure your KPIs productivity level in context of your Company's IT asset

Enhance your control process productivity +36%

As a fast track, KP-One improves the reliability for all processes IT financial stream. Decrease your planning of budget activities of 36% by its automating process

Bridge your investments with your productivity improvement

Increase your investment capabilities to contribute to your business growth with operating expense optimized

Why ?

Key Performance One®

Because the market only offers solutions based on tools connected to the information management system via accounting modules in ERP packages. These vertical tools operate within a “Silo” architecture where modules are independent of each other. These packages only allow static data retrieval per functional module, and calculations involve multiple data sources often in Excel. Even if “Cube”-based, these solutions rely on isolated data “warehouses” that are heterogeneous, fragmented and of varying granularity, which distorts the actual calculations for the purpose of obtaining internally consistent data. The resulting approximated projections render it impossible to make the right in-flow decisions as they are enclosed in a static model. Moreover, most of the few tools available have been developed by the “Major Players” and do not have the necessary neutrality to evaluate the maturity level and dimensions of each Company’s ecosystem.

The KP-One® solution is based on dynamic retrieval, a critical factor in operations management. This totally innovative concept is based on the experience feedback that ACCIOD® has received through its many budget modelling missions, and has become a fundamental prerequisite for analyzing a service line or a critical project. Each of these missions has found allocation variances of at least 20%, on average.

Because Key Business Users affected by information management systems need to refer to approved budgets, regularly check expense allocations, check they are correctly allocated, compare forecasts with actuals, report (always urgently) the projected investment and measure its operational impact. (Budget loops)

Because this data essential for governance and predictability should not be in distributed Excel files, each file with its own logic making them mutually irreconcilable when accurate comprehensive (intelligent) data is needed.

Because updates of these key data sets must be synchronized to prevent value and allocation errors.

And lastly, because local players must not be left to their own devices when the Business becomes an exporter.

For whom ?

Key Performance One® is the Key for Companies who want to reconcile and align their IT resources to their business operations needs and core functions.

To plan and manage IT resources, Key Users need to gather and aggregate data. They can really only do this if they have a single Repository available throughout the entire internal or external resource management process. The main user functions in KP-One® rely on these same resources aggregated on a single Enterprise-wide database and facilitates their consistent management whether for special projects or everyday processes. Consistency is thus maintained, allowing all Key Users to manage their own needs while contributing their targets and results to a single results report that takes into account all the resources available to the system. Moreover, expenses incurred and all present and future projects impacting cash flow are instantly dynamically measurable so the right option can be selected for optimal cash management.

KP-One® is aimed at Businesses who want to control their operating costs in order to better prioritize their investments.

Last but not least, KP-One® is the solution for Businesses who want their key functions to converge to boost the value of their information systems, to become a Productive Asset and not just a support tool.

Discover Application

Synthesis and Drill Down

Model the Baseline

Manage to anticipate

The KP-One® Solution boosts the speed and reliability of the entire financial IT information chain, allowing the "business" and the systems information department to focus on aligning resources to the Company’s strategic needs. Thus, the Key Users become the main players in delivering the added value from running the programmes, and the functions covered by KP-One® can be outsourced.


To grow IT’s contribution in the Company’s ecosystem.

The benefits provided by the KP-One® Solution can be enhanced at Key User level as well as by peripheral functions. Key Users can access their own individual environments that can give them synthetic performance indicators (KPIs) and the ability to act at the right level of detail to ensure that the strategy for aligning IT resources matches the Company’s needs.


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