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ACCIOD’s skills capital is based on experience acquired in international, standards-driven industrial environments. The Enterprise project in particular, was based on shared experience of transformation and selective outsourcing projects that called on cutting-edge knowledge in Organizational, Technical and Financial terms. The objective was to use proven working methods to add value when applied to complex projects.

Two main types of teams are put together for the Enterprise Project. One consists of Programme Directors (PMO) who know how to manage the complexity of an organization as well as how to validate and recommend solutions and architectures adapted to the Client’s needs, costs and objectives. The other team consists of top-level Business Analysts with very specific knowledge of financial engineering for informatics systems. This discipline requires in-depth knowledge of how to manage, analyze and control the allocation and exploitation of tangible and intangible assets that make up the information system value chain.

Similarly, ACCIOD’s R&D relies on a Technical and Functional team to ensure Support and Development for the KP-One Solution. This dedicated team has highly advanced technical experience of developing complex algorithms for modelling, simulation and dynamic retrieval.

The ACCIOD® Enterprise Project created in 2007 is based on a value proposition which consists of giving Enterprises a better way of using their IT resources to make their information systems a Productive Asset to facilitate and accelerate their development.

The key discipline in this ambitious goal is to get the most out of IT assets as a whole, also known as “Redesign To Cost” or in layman’s terms identify the best target for the cost objective. Having tackled this challenge successfully for many Clients in the past, ACCIOD® decided to automate its know-how and create yet more value by placing its KP-One® Solution on the market.

ACCIOD® is an independent company that funds its own R&D projects.