Model, Manage and Decide

ACCIOD® takes a dynamic approach to support its clients :

By creating a model reference budget to control it

By continuously analysing IS performance against internal objectives and market references

By automating the IT-budget building process and monitoring its execution

By simulating transformation scenarios to measure their impact on the target budget

By automating the re-invoicing of central IT costs to operating entities by building Services Catalogues


Optimizes the priority projects

KP-One® Solution offers multiple possibilities for alternative scenarios for optimizing resources in recurring situations and to prioritize projects in the Enterprise Portfolio.

The power of KP-One® Solution lets you run scenarios that could never have been envisaged without the data aggregated and aligned to the same target. It opens the door to multiple opportunities and may need support to decide the ideal target as well as support to run it.

ACCIOD® therefore runs a shared expert services centre with two dedicated units. The first unit is composed of “New Business Analysts” who have p reviously been in charge of resource modelling operations and have backgrounds in Financial Informatics Engineering, Cost/Pricing Models, IT Management Control. The second unit is structured so as to standardize Project Management Methods and resource optimization, and operates as a “PMO” unit calling on the skills of Senior Programme Directors with backgrounds in critical, complex and often international programmes. A knowledge base also reinforces the KPI bases with experience feedback and key market indicators (Benchmark).